100. Abortion

100.998 Termination of Pregnancy


The Colorado Medical Society (CMS) supports early health education and the distribution of safe, effective methods of family planning for males and females as primary methods of birth control. The termination of pregnancy by a licensed physician in an approved medical setting is a safe medical procedure surrounded by moral and ethical implications. Neither the State nor the Federal government should interfere with the physician/patient relationship and the ability of physicians to counsel their patients on all options for the management of unwanted pregnancy unless there is compelling state interest in which case the regulations must be limited to those reasonably related to those interests. The CMS encourages the development of comprehensive programs including more contraceptive research, mandatory health education for school children, and sex education and family life programs for school children.
(RES-53, AM 1989; Revised, BOD-1, AM 2014)


100.999 Medical Treatment for Infants Born Alive During Induced Abortion


The Colorado Medical Society (CMS) believes that the proper medical treatment of infants born alive prematurely, whether by abortion or spontaneously, is a matter which must be resolved on the basis of each individual case. The CMS opposes legislation that would have the effect of implying a predetermination of the nature or extent of medical treatment or care that should or should not be furnished to infants born prematurely under whatever circumstances.
(RES-7, IM 1977; Reaffirmed, BOD-1, AM 2014)