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Monday, December 16, 2013 04:00 PM
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HealthTeamWorks is now accepting applications for the 2014 installment of the Patient-Centered Medical Home Foundations program with grant support from the Colorado Health Foundation. The grant, which will provide practice transformation coaching to more than 100 Colorado practices free of cost, supports a program starting in January 2014.

To provide support to those practices early on in their transformation while also providing advanced curriculum to practices across Colorado already on their transformation journey, the program will encompass two parts.

A continuation of the current PCMH Foundations program will continue to lay the groundwork for practice transformation of new practices and those still early on in their journey to practice transformation. A more advanced Innovations program will expand on pre-established concepts and continue support for many practices that are looking to achieve the Triple Aim.

New practices will master the basics of the Joint Principles of PCMH, a document established in 2007 through the collaboration of four national health care organizations, including the AAFP and AAP, while previous and already advanced practices will expand to more complex topics like integration of behavioral health and patient activation.

“HealthTeamWorks is excited to be able to continue serving the practices here in Colorado with which we have built a strong relationship, but we are eager to begin teaching on a larger scale this advanced curriculum we have been developing,” said Amber Carlson, PCMH program manager.

Applications will be accepted through the end of the year and organizations interested in these free services to enhance value and quality of care should contact Amber Carlson for more information at (303) 446-7200 or

For more information on the program, watch a webinar, view this flier or join a conference call. Click here to apply for PCMH Foundations.

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