COPIC Comment: A matter of trust – a look back on 2015

Sunday, November 01, 2015 11:33 AM
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by Ted J. Clarke, MD, Chairman & CEO, COPIC Insurance Company

COPIC Comment

As a physician, it is always a little strange when you have an injury or condition that falls under your specialty. The roles are reversed and you become the patient instead of the doctor. I found myself in this position recently with a torn rotator cuff. This shift in perspective reminded me of the inherent trust we place in our physicians and health care team members based on their knowledge, empathy and confidence.

Trust is an important concept in health care. It is something that is established and maintained through a series of actions and interactions over years. When I look at COPIC’s relationships with insureds, I recognize how their trust relies on our ability to provide expert guidance, defend the practice of good medicine and support efforts to improve health care. As I reflect on 2015, there are many ways we reinforced this trust and our commitment to medical professionals and patients.

Supporting the entire health care team – With the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act, COPIC looked at additional ways to support non-physicians who are part of the medical practices we insure. In 2015, we began to offer separate coverage options for allied health professionals to address their evolving roles. And throughout the year, we focused on challenges faced by practice administrators by offering seminars on human resources management and resources for top-of-mind issues like cyber liability.

Keeping an eye on the changes ahead – In 2015, COPIC reviewed and provided legal guidance or input on an estimated 20 bills during the course of the legislative session. We also reviewed approximately 50 proposed, amended or drafts of bills that had the potential to impact health care. COPIC continued its ongoing outreach to legislators and collaborative efforts with key partners. Whether it was providing insight to help define the parameters of telehealth or assessing ways to improve patient safety through public policy, COPIC stayed closely connected to issues that will influence the future of health care.

Expanding our capabilities – As detailed in the last COPIC Comment, COPIC recently formed an alliance with MagMutual, the leading medical liability provider in the southeast. This will allow us to share best practices and draw upon each company’s experience so that we can improve how we support insureds and the broader health care community.

Doing what we do well – Results from our bi-annual customer survey showed that 99 percent of respondents want to renew their coverage with us and would recommend COPIC to others. Over 90 percent of respondents said they had overwhelmingly positive interactions with us. This reinforces that we are doing the right things, and it also sets a benchmark for us to strive toward and improve upon.

Strengthening our commitment to community support – Since 1992, the COPIC Medical Foundation has provided grants that help fund innovative ideas in health care. In 2015, the Foundation continued this tradition by funding the following initiatives:

  • Awareness Campaign on Prescription Drug Interactions – JP Prescription Drug Awareness Foundation
  • Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care – American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • Healthy Living Initiative – Colorado Pediatric Collaborative
  • Kidney Care Kits – National Kidney Foundation
  • Leadership Training Program – Gunnison Valley Health Foundation
  • RxOpioidSafe Pilot Program – Rx Assurance
  • Spot Vital Sign Digital Devices – Bonfils Blood Center

From COPIC’s perspective, there is a continuing trend in lower frequency of medical liability claims. This tells us that improvements are occurring, we are seeing better outcomes and patient safety is a priority. COPIC recognizes the investments you make personally, in your medical practices and with your patients to achieve these results, and we understand why trust needs to be at the heart of everything we do.

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