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Thursday, November 01, 2018 12:14 PM
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Colorado Medical Society Board of Directors approves new logo based on feedback from membership

by Kate Alfano, CMS Communications Coordinator

When the CMS Board charged staff to conduct a formal communications audit in 2014 with Communications Strategy Group, one of the recommendations from the audit was to rebrand the organization after CMS had completed its governance reforms and moved to create a model 21st century state medical society.

A second outside marketing consultant hired to brand and create the Central Line logo in 2016 also strongly recommended rebranding the CMS logo family once Central Line was well established and the medical society was ready to launch a major membership retention and recruitment campaign.

With the hire of Krystle Medford as its full-time membership director this summer, CMS is preparing to launch that major membership retention and recruitment campaign in conjunction with its medical component society partners. CMS leadership agreed that it was time to rebrand the Colorado Medical Society before spending the considerable resources necessary to create new marketing materials for the campaign.

To that end, CMS contracted with multiple graphic design professionals to seek new logos for the rebranding effort and embarked on a series of member polls and staff meetings to finalize three options for the board of directors to review and select a final logo and their Sept. 14 meeting. If you were one of the hundreds of CMS members who voted on the three options for rebranding, thank you for your input as it played a large part in the final decision!

See the new logo on this page that will lead CMS into the future. Watch for the rollout of the new brand in member outreach materials, an updated and more functional website and a more modern Colorado Medicine in 2019.

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