AMA: 6 characteristics of successful physician-hospital relationships

Thursday, July 02, 2015 12:45 PM
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For physicians who want to work in hospitals or health systems, or for those who are seeking to integrate their practices, the move can be confusing. New guidelines from the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association outline the six principles that enable successful integrated leadership.

The Principles of Integrated Leadership for Hospitals and Health Systems (AMA log in required for download) can guide physicians on how to bring clinical skills and business insights together at the leadership level to foster more collaborative and cohesive decision-making at hospitals and health systems.

“To lead the changes needed to move the health care system forward, many physicians and health care organizations may contemplate options for greater alignment and strong relationships to cultivate an environment centered on teamwork,” AMA President Robert M. Wah, MD, said in a statement.

“The new principles support having more physicians in the boardroom and in key roles at the executive level so hospitals can succeed in the reformed models for health care delivery and payment,” Dr. Wah said.

Click here to view the six principles of success for integrated leadership between hospitals and physicians on the AMA website.

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